Letter: Hackensack Strong candidates ready to govern

webkey-LettersAs we come into the final week before our Municipal Election, our Hackensack Strong slate feels confident and would like to share our enthusiasm with our residents¬†here in our city. We are ready to govern and formulate policy’ with the people of our city always in our mind and hearts. We will make decisions and negotiate agreements with you in mind, not a select few from outside our city limits. We have new ideas to share for a hopeful future. It will give Hackensack the new start and direction it needs, after many years of political animosity, in-fighting, and personal destruction of opponents and employees. Our city council serves at the behest of our residents, and needs to communicate more clearly the direction we need to go forward. Its time to work for the betterment of all, not solely serve the private club mentality prevalent here for too long. We will always be there for our people, and work to have Hackensack realize its potential in a professional way. We are eager to get started on policies that work. Please join us in this well charted course on this new road to finally give voice to all people.

Deborah Keeling Geddis, Angelica Carfi Meneses, David Dungey, Rafael Del Rosario, Rich Cerbo


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